Marble Mountain

The Marble Mountain installation is based off of a book written and illustrated by Kayla Newnam titled Marble Mountain. This community driven art concept debuted at the Scottsdale Arts Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2019. It features a whimsical tent with giant "monsters" along with multiple storybook workshops to make guests feel like they are a part of this adventurous story. 

The Tent

The tent is a visual representation of Marble Mountain. It creates a whimsical environment that promotes imagination and storytelling, It comes complete with giant plush "monster" characters that can inform a new story created by YOU. 

The Monsters

These large plush "monster" characters are featured in the Marble Mountain tent to be friends, story informants and cuddle buddies!

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Make Monsters

Pom Pom Crowns

Marbled Pennants

Scottsdale Arts Festival Gallery

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